The Wall Station creates inspiring public art, street art, murals and workshops that capture and celebrate the visual narrative of the communities and clients that we work with. The artists that we work with have a strong sense of social responsibility and enjoy giving back to local communities. As a business, the concept of building meaning and connecting people through creative expression is paramount to everything we do.

We work with local community groups, including schools, not for profits, councils, NGO’s, government and corporate community engagement programs. In addition to ‘painting walls’, we offer mural workshop programs that are designed to help participants explore ideas and create meaning, connect with others and encourage participation.

Public art has been proven to foster social cohesion, develop a sense of place and identity, improve self expression and encourage shared values. Our programs empower participants to explore the creative process, develop self esteem and collaborate as a team.

We are experts in creative planning, artwork installation, project management, community consultation and risk management. Our considered and thoughtful processes have been designed to ensure programs run smoothly and meet the needs of multiple stakeholders.

The Wall Station has a broad portfolio of Australian and international artists that we work with including Andrew Dennis (Jumbo), CAMO, Ears, George Rose, Hayley Mischief Lord, Karen Farmer, Maid, Mayonaize, Makatron, Mulga, Nico, Ox King, Peque, Phibs, Pornograffixxx, Pudl, Snarl, Yowa, Zachary Bennett-Brook, Skulk, Bird Hat, Viza, Poncho Army, Thomas Jackson, Tiera Boo, Percy Mumbles, Mike Watt, Sam Shennan, Sam Kay and Angus Comyns.


Jacinta has a unique background, she is the Owner and Director of the Stencil Art Prize which is an internationally art prize that began in 2009 and tours Australian Regional Galleries. In addition to working as an art consultant and curator, she has also held high-level Marketing & Development positions in both the not for profit and commercial sectors – working with philanthropic organisations, councils, government, tertiary institutions, schools, businesses and international blue-chip brands. Jacinta’s solid project management background and high level people-skills enables her to bring the clients hopes and the artist’s creative vision together as one wholesome outcome.