Department of Justice – Mural / Mentor Project

Department of Justice and PCYC NSW – Mural Mentor Project

The Wall Station partnered with the Department of Justice and PCYC NSW to plan, design, develop and install a 29 metre mural at the Mt Druitt PCYC.

The project involved a week long mentoring opportunity for ‘youth at risk’ to work under the guidance and mentorship of acclaimed street artist Phibs and Aboriginal artists Uncle Kev and Joanne Cassidy.

The project ran in tandem with ESPN and Disney’s international “” program launch at Mt Druitt PCYC which aims to ensure every child has a place to play.

Outcomes of the mural/mentor project included:

Building self esteem

  • Learning new skills
  • Working as a team
  • Contributing to a project that has a strong community benefit

Vocational knowledge

  • Learning about the professional of mural painting
  • Gain an understanding of the day-to-day life of a mural artist

Connection to PCYC / Sense of place / ownership

  • Studies show that mural, public art and street art build a stronger sense of place for the local community as they connect with and interact with public art.
  • Participants were able to  gain a sense of pride from contributing to the project and a sense of ownership over the work that they contributed to the wall.