Design Consultation

Working out the right mural design for your space can be a daunting process sometimes. Which is why The Wall Station have put together a team of consultants and leading artists to ensure you find the perfect design.

With input from our interior design consultant, colour consultant, director and our artists, our expertise in developing bespoke mural designs to meet client needs is second to none. Beginning with an initial survey of your needs and a one-on-one consultation and site visit, you’ll be included in every step of the mural design process.


Step One
The first step in the process is an initial email survey followed by a one-on-one consultation with The Wall Station to discuss the mural concept and timeline.

Step Two
Next we’ll develop a concept plan with suggestions of artists that are available to work on the client mural and some suggested creative themes.

Step Three
Once the client has reviewed the concept plan and wishes to proceed, a 50% deposit is paid and a creative brief is drafted. Depending on your mural package, additional consultants will be involved in meetings or site visits to work on the creative brief at this stage.

Step Four
Creative brief signed off by the client and the artist is locked in. A mural installation date is agreed up.

Step Five
The artist delivers multiple artwork sketches to meet the creative brief, and feedback is given by clients. After 2 – 3 rounds of feedback, the artwork sketches are signed off on by the client and the artist then prepares for mural installation.

Step Six
Mural installation commences. Our team will be on hand at the commencement of the mural installation and will undertake a final inspection of the completed artwork.

Step Seven
An invoice for the final 50% of the mural cost will be generated and sent to client.