Live Scribing

Live scribing and graphic notetaking

Live scribing and graphic notetaking

Graphic notetaking, also known as live scribing or visual notetaking, is the process of representing ideas non-linguistically – meaning that ideas are drawn as images instead of words.
Graphic Notetaking
The Wall Station has a range of illustrators, fine artists, street artist and graffiti artists who work as graphic notetakers.

We have supplied artists for corporate workshops and events, strategic planning sessions, team building exercises and conferences.

Our artists specialize in working in real time and responding to session outcomes. By sitting in on a session and listening, our artists:

  • Comprehend what the speaker is saying
  • Break down key ideas into phrases
  • Break down phrases into drawings
  • Visually link ideas and statements
  • Add in aesthetic details and colors

Our graphic notetaking and live scribing artists can work using a variety of materials including markers to sketch on paper or white boards or digitally on iPad for projection on screen.

In addition, our artists can summarise broader themes for conferences during concluding social events (e.g. end of day drinks) by creating a large spray paint mural to capture ideas from all sessions – further helping to enforce key messages and create a buzz at the end of the day.
Live Scribing