The Wall Station is a full service creative agency who deliver custom made street art walls and murals from concept to final installation. Beginning with research and learning about our clients needs and tastes, through to the final coat of paint. We can also provide photography and time-lapse videos of your mural installation.

What we do best:

• Murals & Street Art Walls
• Place-making
• Art workshops
• Mentor programs
• Bringing creative ideas to life
• Community engagement
• School programs
• Complex projects and multiple stakeholders
• Project management
• Risk Assessment, Safety and OH&S
• Relationship building

Safe Work Practices
Safe work practices are paramount at The Wall Station. Best practice ensures that our policies and procedures are regularly upgraded and translated to incorporate the ever changing and broadening capabilities of our business.

We hold safety inductions for all team members and subcontractors to ensure that we are compliant with standards and legislation. We regularly review our Occupational Health and Safety Policies, Environmental Policies and Human Resource procedure.

The safety of our staff and others, including our clients, sub-contractors and the general public is our primary responsibility, and our greatest concern.

For large projects we ensure contractual compliance is met through Site Meetings, Safety Meetings, Operations Meetings and ongoing monitoring.

The Environment
We recognise that the safety of the environment is as important as the safety of our people and the people around us. As part of our Environmental Policy, we undertake ongoing reporting of any potential environmental hazards or dangers, we employ Hazard Identification Checklists and Safe Work Method Statements. These are conducted prior to work commencing and on completion.