Marrickville Metro Mural

In collaboration with Sydney Fringe Festival, The Wall Station artist Styna (Christina Huynh) has delivered a gorgeous mural for AMP Capital at the Marrickville Metro Shopping centre. The colourful mural ads spark and inspiration to the rear entrance of the centre on Smidmore Street.

With a creative brief to paint a “colourful whimsical mural that celebrates the unique, eclectic and creative community of Marrickville” Christina was able to bring her illustrative style and vivid imagination to the mural.

“The overall piece is essentially a story of companionship and friendship – informed by Richard A. Biby’s poem ‘Just a Dog’ “said Christina.

“It is an embodiment of all the hopes and dreams of the future, the fond memories of the past and the pure joy of the moment.”

The Wall Station engaged students from Wilkins Primary School, Leichhardt Public School and Newtown Performing Arts School in mural painting workshops to work with the artist Christina. Students were able to learn new skills, build self esteem, work as a team and learn about the day-to-day life of successful mural artist in Sydney.

About Christina Huynh

Christina Huynh (b. 1990) is an illustrator and muralist based in Western Sydney, Australia that paints under the name STYNA. Her art practice involves creating murals, illustration and picture books from differing mediums of watercolour, ink and pen to acrylic and aerosol.

With an enthusiasm for goldfish and all things fragile in our natural world, Christina creates stories in her work that express her everyday thought, experience and memory. She finds inspiration in storytelling, human emotion, wayfaring and the heritage of people and place.

Upon completing her studies in a Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication) at the Western Sydney University in 2011, Christina has been involved in various public art projects, including the Canal to Creek Public Art Program, one of Australia’s most extensive public art programs as well as illustration projects, including illustrating ‘Grandma’s Treasured Shoes’ by Coral Vass and published by the National Library of Australia.

Today, Christina works with local councils and schools, focusing on art-for-purpose and place-based projects and collaborations.